Spacewolf Recording Studio - Wells, Somerset | Cntrl Room
Spacewolf is a state-of-the-art boutique recording studio, situated in the tiny city of Wells, just five miles from the legendary town of Glastonbury.
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Cntrl Room

Our control room boasts a great selection of outboard and in-the-box equipment, all surrounding a 24 channel DDA FMR console.

There’s high-end outboard by Universal Audio, Focusrite, Audient, Warm Audio & Golden Age Project as well as pristine Universal Audio Apollo D/A & A/D conversion via Thunderbolt. Software such as Logic Pro, Pro Tools and plugins from UA, Slate, Waves and Abbey Road. Not to mention our huge collection of software based instruments.

Cameras of each of the other rooms are available on the control room’s main screen, whilst there’s physical line of sight to the big room.