Spacewolf Recording Studio - Wells, Somerset | spacewolf
Spacewolf is a state-of-the-art boutique recording studio, situated in the tiny city of Wells, just five miles from the legendary town of Glastonbury.
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The transatlantic split between SickOnes and Divebomb is available on Bandcamp now. The SickOnes side recorded here at Spacewolf by Ben E Turner. Purchase here:

Nick Parker has a new record out. 'Besta Venya' was produced here at Spacewolf by Luke Stidson. Take a look at the crazy, one-shot lyric video for the beautiful 'Simple Song' below and purchase the album from

The miiigghhhtttyy The St. Pierre Snake Invasion have a new single coming out and we recorded a little Cello for the B side right here in the Spacewolf big room. Essentially one of the best bands in the country right now, so we are very much...

Thanks to Montroze who've just wrapped up tracking a new record with Benn Turner at Spacewolf. Sounding massive....

The wonderful David 9 Lunas is currently making a full length record here at Spacewolf with both Ben E. Turner and Luke Stidson at the controls. He's running a crowd funding campaign with a lot of great rewards for pledgers. Very much worth your time if...